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To Reach Your Goal, You'll Have to Try New Things. This Includes Your Exercise Program

"If you want to change your score, change it." You've probably heard it in many ways in your life, and it's absolutely true. If you're not prepared to change the way you look at things and your habits, you can't expect to perform the most important tasks in your life. If you're trying to achieve different results than your exercise program, then you can choose another exercise program to achieve it, right?

That's right.

This brings us to another phrase that everyone has heard from our charming and popular Einstein: "Crazy: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Well, these are not words to take, and willingly tie a knot, say "yes" and move on with the day. Think about it and find a use for them.

Sally missed the exercise program.

A typical example: Sally Thacker worked most of her life and never achieved her goals. Therefore, she occasionally participates in classes such as gymnastics, yoga, hiking and cycling. Twice a year she "gets serious" and trains a little more, but the results remain the same and she gets frustrated.

She's frustrated because she doesn't come close, and looking back, it's getting worse and worse. This little story is getting a little depressing because the health and fitness industry has made fun of Sally.

They tricked her into doing an activity that should have worked, saying they wanted her to succeed if she would settle down. I'm sorry, Sally, but that's not how it works. You tell your body exactly what to do with your health and fitness program and you'll get results. Sally needs to take a good look at how you've been trying to achieve your goals and make changes that will really help you achieve those goals.

Use your exercise program as a science experiment.

A health and fitness program is like a scientific formula; a little too much or too little can blow up in your face without burning yourself out here and there. Every exercise is designed to produce accurate results. And if you go back and think about it, the exercises that produce these results are a bit strange and certainly rewarding. And sweaty breathing can be mentally, emotionally and physically demanding.

Sally has had a lot going on, so let's give her a good ending. So Sally saw the light, was brave enough to take the path less traveled (too many analogies), and now Sally has seen and embodied her accomplishments and is no longer an idiot, but a superstar.